Someone once asked me to introduce myself in five words. I chose the following:

  1. Seeker

    I am on a constant search. A search for ideas, alternative solutions and solving issues innovatively. This trait led me to my personal motto: “Challenge the existing, if you want something new.”

  2. Explorer

    My professional curiosity brought me from my first job (Red Bull Germany GmbH – 06/2007) all the way to Singapore in 2012, where I led Red Bull’s digital business of eight South Asian markets until April 2014.

  3. Focused

    I am keen to learn, to understand and to achieve. Set me a goal and I will achieve it. This already started in early school days & is still one of the key traits of my personality.

  4. Creative

    Solving a problem can be done in two ways: Hard or easy. I normally pick the hard way, as I believe only creative & tailor made solutions bring true progression

  5. Communicative

    I just love storytelling. It fascinates me how a story can achieve greatness through the way it is told. This is why I chose to focus my studies (Sports & Economics – University Bayreuth) & work on marketing communications.


An idea that is not dangerous
is unworthy of being called an idea at all.

Today’s digital world is a maze of countless opportunities. Deciding the right direction for a business means asking the right questions and to be brave to bring meaningful ideas to life.

How can we create valuable digital content? Which social channels shall we use to engage with our customers? Is our website on top of the game? How can we connect our business across various digital touch points? How do we measure all the results correctly?

All these questions can only be answered through meticulous data analysis and developing a thorough individual digital strategy. Answering your questions and solving digital business cases is my key business.

Ask questions, get answers and bring your ideas to live.
Feel free to contact me at any time. I don’t bite.

At a glance

I offer individual & determined consultancy in the following areas:
  • Digital channel strategy
  • Content marketing
  • Social media analysis & tactics (Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Vine)
  • Creative campaign solutions (Mobile, Search, Display & Social)
  • Customer relationship management & engagement (Dialogue management, newsletters, live interaction, customer service)
  • Traffic conversion models
  • Creativity & ideation workshops


Daring ideas are like chessmen moved forward. They may be beaten, but they may start a winning game.

Find here a small selection of tasks, challenges and projects I worked on over the past years for various clients:

  • Channel Strategy

    How to reach your audience effectively

    UX for the win!

    However you tackle the digital challenges in your customer facing business, one of the goals most likely involves creating a seamless and engaging digital user experience in order to position your service or product.

    I was challenged with a broad range of challenging tasks for clients across various areas of their digital business.


    • I supported an international lifestyle brand to develop a digital “rebranding” strategy focusing on sales optimization and brand awareness across their digital channels and e-commerce models.
    • The lead agency of an international automotive company requested my help developing a multi-step plan to optimize their national digital channels, implement editorial guidelines, create national content standards and effective channel management workflows.
    • A big German sporting good seller asked for help developing a social media channel strategy in order to extend their e-commerce business by creating additional high value sales conversions.
    • As part of a project team I helped analyzing the tech solution market for a big German publisher in order to find the most fitting and interlaced content discovery, analytics, CMS and social media management software solutions.

    The key to a success is to know what each channel in your customer journey is capable of and more important what not.

  • Content Marketing

    How to produce and distribute fitting content

    Hail to storytelling!

    “Content is king” is still proclaimed by many. I would argue one could rephrase this sentence into “storytelling is king” and in addition to that “distribution is queen”.

    Producing the right content, matching your digital business model and drive relevant conversions through smart distribution is crucial for digital success. I had the chance to help create those business model and bring them to life with very different clients and therefore very diverse content approaches.


    • In collaboration with an agency network I led the development of a content marketing strategy for a new digital product of one of the biggest German insurance companies.
    • Within the process of a sports clubs digital business transformation, I was able to deliver an in-depth multi-channel content analysis in order to lay the groundwork for a new content strategy and optimized, data-driven consumer journeys.
    • Being tightly connected to one of the most innovative content marketing companies in the FMCG world, I constantly get the chance to support the developments of national media campaigns, multi-channel content packages and technical solutions for new projects and products.

    Real content marketing creates high value stories worth sharing. Marketing of content doesn’t imply a certain quality. Unfortunately the latter is wider spread.

  • Digital Business Planning

    How to create a digital business model

    Measure, analyse, adapt, repeat

    The digital transformation of businesses is in full swing and here to last. A lot of businesses I offer my service to, are in exactly that phase of transformation, searching for digital business opportunities, scalable business models and ultimately a projectable ROI or solid numbers to back up and measure their marketing spendings.

    In order to do so, it is crucial to be able to judge the value of content, conversions and consumer engagement. Helping to find these solutions I was able to provide my services to various clients.


    • I received the challenging task to lead the analysis of digital market and business potentials for a set of eight international markets for a big FMCG brand. The goal was to develop sustainable business plans and models based on content and digital product distribution, national partnerships, data-matching and brand awareness.
    • Together with a successful German service-on-demand startup I was able to create strategies to extend their core business of brand promotions throughout their existing and new digital channels.
    • During a phase of digital transformation I led the development of digital business acquisition opportunities for a leading national action sports agency.

    The word ‘digital’ is not the crucial one in the field of business transformation. It’s the employees attitude towards ‘digital’ that is essential in order to succeed.

  • Creative Sessions

    How to coming up with the right ideas

    Pushing the right buttons!

    A “creative idea” can be seen and judged very differently from person to person. Needless to say, working in the area of marketing “creativity” is one of the core qualifications a good storyteller needs to bring to the table. However, to really trigger a strong and effective creative process, there are (like in every professional area) tools, which will not only bring focus to your ideation process, but most likely ensure a higher qualitative outcome.

    Following these rules I had the chance to develop workshop formats and run creative sessions across a broad range of topics for different clients.


    • I was able to develop a tailor-made workshop concept on “content creativity” for the PR branch of the biggest German sports brand.
    • In cooperation with a lead agency I was challenged multiple times to develop a set of international digital campaign ideas for Germany`s biggest airline.
    • The lead agency of a big automotive brand challenged a creative team under my supervision to create innovative ideas for an international car launch, focusing on connectivity and network intelligence.
    • While setting up their annual business plan, an international FMCG brand asked me to run creative sessions with digital influencers to come up with new ways of digital distribution and technical solutions for communications.

    Creativity can be learned and trained. It is everybody’s chance to escape daily routines and connect to one’s inner child.

To give you an idea of my professional world, please find here a list of clients I worked for (directly or via connected agencies).


I am not only passionate about my work, but also about the following:


As we all know the digital world is moving fast. Find here informative snippets on digital & creative topics I personally keep track of:


I am looking forward to working with you & bring your ideas to life:

Sascha Stalica
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